4 Quick Steps to Move Zimbra .tgz emails to Outlook .msg Format

4 Quick Steps to Move Zimbra .tgz emails to Outlook .msg Format

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April 16, 2024

Summary/Overview: If you use Zimbra and would like to convert your emails to MSG format, you’ve come to the right spot. This post will explain how to export Zimbra emails to MSG using the top TGZ to Outlook MSG Converter Tool. Prior to learning how to save Zimbra mailboxes in MSG format, let’s get started by grasping the basics of the TGZ and MSG formats.

Which Zimbra Formats are TGZ and MSG?

The file formats utilized to hold the data are MSG and Zimbra TGZ. They serve distinct functions and are compatible with various email clients, though. An overview of the Zimbra TGZ and MSG formats will be provided here.

  • Zimbra TGZ: The Zimbra TGZ file format, which is compressed into a folder, allows you to save all of your contacts, calendars, emails, and other data in one place. It makes backing up and transferring your Zimbra data easier.
  • MSG: Microsoft Outlook uses the MSG file format to hold a single email message’s contents, attachments, and other information. You can easily manage and arrange your email conversation using this convenient method of saving and sharing individual emails.

Let’s discuss the causes of the Zimbra TGZ to MSG conversion now that you are aware of the Zimbra TGZ and MSG file formats.

Why is Exporting Zimbra Emails to MSG Format Required?

There are several reasons to convert a Zimbra TGZ file to MSG. Let’s discuss the primary arguments for converting Zimbra email data to MSG format.

  • Exporting emails is simple since MSG files are compatible with a wide range of email programs.
  • Zimbra-to-MSG migration is similar to creating a safe duplicate for later use.
  • MSG files make it simple to filter and categorize emails, which keeps your inbox neat.
  • Working together and communicating over email is made simpler by the ease of sharing MSG files.
  • You can ensure the security of your emails by exporting Zimbra emails to MSG.

After going over the above-listed criteria, find out which way is best for exporting Zimbra TGZ files to MSG format.

Easy Technique for Batch Zimbra Email Export to MSG Format

A trustworthy and simple way to convert one or more Zimbra TGZ files to MSG format in bulk is to use the Softaken TGZ to Outlook MSG Converter Tool. This tool’s straightforward GUI makes it easy for non-technical people to use, even without prior experience. It can handle a lot of data at once, which helps you save time and work. It also has a ton of features and capabilities that improve accuracy and ease of use for complicated operations. Keep reading to find out how to convert an Outlook MSG file from Zimbra.

How to Export Zimbra Emails in Bulk to MSG Format via Softaken

  • The TGZ to Outlook MSG Converter Tool should first be downloaded and installed on your computer as an administrator.
zimbra converter home window
  • Choose “Select File” to select a single TGZ file, or select “Select Folder” to add a folder containing several TGZ files.
browse tgz files button
  • Select which items to convert from the tree structure after adding the TGZ files.
preview tgz files
  • Click the MSG file format from the drop-down menu to select it as the conversion’s preferred output format.
  • Choose optional features and filters from the software wizard to personalize the conversion process based on your requirements.
convert tgz to pst Form
  • To begin the migration procedure, click the Convert button at the end.
export pst files window

Using the approach outlined above, you can export any amount of data from Zimbra emails to MSG format. It also has a number of characteristics, some of which are listed below.

The Above Advanced Software’s Features & Quick Qualities

The most dependable and secure way to export Zimbra emails to MSG, with or without attachments, is to use the automatic technique. It also contains several features, which we will talk about in the section below.

  • You can export emails, attachments, tasks, calendars, contacts, and calendars from Zimbra.
  • You can export certain emails, tasks, and calendars within predefined time frames using its date filter tool.
  • With this tool, you can remove duplicate emails by using the subject, to, from, and body fields as criteria.
  • Gives users the option to migrate to Zimbra while maintaining their folder hierarchy.
  • This program can be downloaded for free to your computer and used on Mac and Windows devices.
  • Overall, this automated program includes many extra capabilities that make bulk Zimbra mail transfers to MSG simple and rapid.
  • No need to download multiple email clients and tools to convert TGZ Emails to Outlook MSG format.
  • Users can save their exported data as per the required location on the desktop without any problem.

Getting the Final Thoughts About Conversion

We’ve looked into the greatest and most trustworthy way to easily export emails from Zimbra to MSG. It’s not a simple operation, as we all know, to manually upload large amounts of Zimbra TGZ files to MSG format. For this reason, if you want to quickly export a large number of Zimbra emails to MSG, we advise going with risk-free software. Furthermore, a lot of experts concur that using an automated method is the easiest way to get reliable and accurate results faster. Consequently, we advise you to download the clever utility so that you can easily convert your Zimbra emails to MSG format.

Commonly Asked Questions

How do I export my Zimbra TGZ email backup to MSG?

You can export Zimbra TGZ to MSG format easily with the help of the automated application. These are five easy procedures that will let you export Zimbra TGZ to MSG format in bulk.
On your smartphone, download the TGZ to Outlook MSG Converter Tool.

  • After selecting Files or Folders from Zimbra TGZ, click the Next option.
  • Next, click Next after previewing the chosen files from the tree-structure list.
  • Next, pick the MSG format from the selection that drops down, and then pick the extra features you require.
  • To start the Zimbra TGZ to MSG conversion, click the Convert button at the end.

Is it possible to mass transfer TGZ emails to Outlook MSG?

Yes, you can easily and mass transfer TGZ emails to Outlook MSG using the third-party program.

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