How to Find Apartments for Rent in Minneapolis for Students?

How to Find Apartments for Rent in Minneapolis for Students?

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January 31, 2024

Minneapolis is a US city in Minnesota that has gained popularity for providing quality education to international students in the past few years. The University of Minnesota is famous here, where several domestic and international students get higher education. The University of Minnesota comprises a beautiful student life and learned faculty.

When international students decide to enrol in Minneapolis, their first requirement remains accommodation. There are some excellent apartments and studio apartments for students in Minneapolis.

Below, you will get concise information about how to find apartments for rent in Minneapolis for students. You will read about the sources that help you find suitable student accommodation in Minneapolis.

Visit the student services website or housing office of your university. Many institutions offer lists, guides, and advice for students seeking off-campus accommodation.
Look at the notice boards focused on student areas or throughout the university. Owners commonly post flyers with details about available housing. This conventional approach may be efficacious, particularly in areas near the university.
Engage in discussions on the internet or online groups where students discuss housing at the university. The university’s Facebook groups and Reddit discussions can be helpful for ideas and listings.

Online Student Accommodation Service Platforms or Apartment Listing Websites

Visit websites specializing in student housing, for example, These might be platforms with listings suited to the needs of students. They are available in the form of mobile apps, too. The platforms usually come with filters that you can use to define your search parameters, such as the location of interest, costing range, and bedrooms required.

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You can also use well-known apartment listing sites to help you find suitable private apartments or student apartments in Minneapolis.

Websites of Accommodation Owners/Properties

Find Apartments

You can also visit the websites of accommodation owners/properties in Minneapolis to find a student apartment there.

The way students find housing options has been completely transformed by online student accommodation service platforms and apartment listing websites, which provide ease and a vast array of possibilities catered to the particular requirements of living as a student. These websites have become essential resources for students seeking affordable housing near their academic institutions.

Platforms for online student housing resources can help to make the rental process more transparent. Before planning for in-person visits, informative listing websites frequently describe the lodging extensively through photos, virtual tours, and in-depth descriptions. Being more transparent lessens the risk of new students being caught off guard or having unpleasant shocks when they move in.

Minneapolis inspires with its active culture, renowned schools, and thrilling student lifestyle. But you need a location that’s yours yourself before you can fully embrace the energy of the twin cities. It can seem complicated for learners to find accommodation, but worry not! With this guide’s help, students will be able to successfully navigate the Minneapolis rental market and find the perfect student housing.

University Housing Resources

Ask the housing or student affairs department in your university. Many colleges provide student housing facilities and collaborate with landlords to ensure affordable accommodation.

Contact the housing office of your institution for help. They could also provide information about accommodation away from campus and direct the best areas that students can live in.

Minneapolis is on the march! You’re going to be well on the way to finding the perfect place to live for students and starting an incredible Minneapolis journey with proper planning and the assistance of our guide. Every part of the journey carries equal significance as the final destination, so relish your apartment search and salutations from Minneapolis!

Bulletin Boards on Campus

Look for bulletin boards or information centres on campus that landlords could use to advertise vacant apartments. This could be a more traditional approach; however, it is still used in most places. But you can use this method after reaching Minneapolis, and till then, you will have to look for temporary accommodation.

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Social Media Groups

Find local Facebook groups or other social media communities where students often exchange news on housing availability. Go through groups associated with your university or student accommodation in Minneapolis.

Local Newspapers and Community Boards

Local newspapers and community boards should be the source of rental listings. These methods may continue to be used by some landlords to advertise their properties.

Networking with Fellow Students

Find other students currently sharing an apartment or those seeking roommates for their student rooms in Minneapolis. Networking can serve as a powerful tool in searching for vacant flats.

Visit the Neighborhoods

Venture out walking or driving into the areas around your institutes. Some landlords may place “For Rent” signs on their properties, and this can be another approach to uncover opportunities that would not appear in the online postings.

This method is applicable if you have already reached Minneapolis and are staying in temporary accommodation.

Google/Bing Search

A simple method is to search for student accommodation in Minneapolis on search engines like Google and Bing. By searching on search engines, you will find the websites of online student accommodation service platforms, accommodation owners/properties, social media forums & other forums about student accommodations, and more. This way, you can find many resources for finding student apartments in Minneapolis using a Google/Bing search.

There are many advantages of accommodation websites with providers and many more connections. Explore the websites and choose the rooms according to your needs and budget. You can select criteria such as amenities, security features, etc. There are plenty of rooms according to your preferences, including furnished, private apartments, en-suite, and shared rooms.

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You can discover student apartments in Minneapolis through online platforms like, accommodation owner websites, university resources, social media, newspapers, networking, neighbourhood exploration, and search engines like Google and Bing.

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