2 Alternative Ways to Save/Import Full PST Folder into Gmail Without Outlook

2 Alternative Ways to Save/Import Full PST Folder into Gmail Without Outlook

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April 5, 2024

Concerning importing PST to Gmail without Outlook, don’t worry! I’ll walk you through opening a PST file in Gmail in the absence of Outlook. I’ll go over the two methods for importing PST files into Gmail.

PST imports into Gmail with the GWMMO Tool. Following setup, you can use Outlook to connect to GWMMO and move your PST file over to Gmail. Technical expertise is needed to integrate this product with Microsoft Outlook. For those who find this technological, a professional email conversion tool can transfer PST emails to Gmail without the need for Outlook.

These tactics will be thoroughly explained below.

What Makes the User Prefer Gmail to PST?

Email messages, contacts, and calendar events are stored in personal storage tables, similar to PST files. This method is supported by the business tool Microsoft Outlook. Since Microsoft Outlook is a desktop email program, moving your emails to a cloud-based email program will allow you to access your data online.

Gmail, one of the most widely used email providers, is safe. Billions of people worldwide use email to send and receive messages and for other tasks. 15 GB of storage is more than enough for your files and documents on Gmail, which is why users want to import PST files.

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Without Outlook, How can I Import PST Files into Gmail?

  • Using Softaken PST to Gmail Importer Software, choose the PST file.
  • After clicking Export, choose Gmail.
  • After entering your Gmail login, save.
  • Completed!

The most straightforward and precise method for importing a PST file into Gmail without erasing any data is this one.

  • To import PST files into Gmail at no cost, use GWMMO.
  • Download and install the GWMMO Tool.
  • Open GWMMO on your computer.
  • After providing your Gmail address, click Proceed.
  • To allow the tool to migrate, click “Allow.”
  • After choosing the PST file with migration options, click Next.
  • Select the necessary migration choices, then click Migrate.
  • The entire running progress on your PC will now be shown by the tool.
  • When the procedure is finished, a message displays. Press OK.
  • Verify all imports into your Gmail account after transferring PST files.

GWMMO Tool Restrictions

  • Even non-technical users find the GWMMO Tool UI to be bewildering.
  • Gmail can only import readable PST files.
  • Outlook and the GWMMO Tool must be installed.
  • If the “Import PST to Gmail” task has been halted, resume it.
  • Journal entries, Outlook notes, tasks, and RSS feeds cannot be imported into Gmail using this method.
  • It takes time to migrate deleted data to Gmail.

Import PST Files into Gmail Without Using Outlook; use the Softaken PST to Gmail Importer

The Softaken PST to Gmail Importer is for all your data migration needs. It can move PST files from Outlook to Gmail. Every item in the inbox, including emails, contacts, tasks, notes, and calendar entries, can be saved. In only a few steps, PST can be imported into Gmail. To get started, enter your Gmail login credentials. Microsoft Outlook installation is not necessary for PST import to Gmail.

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With the help of our robust PST to Gmail Importer Tool, you can preview data to guarantee data migration. Anyone can use this program because of its user-friendly GUI. PST files can be uploaded to several accounts, including Gmail. Users can install this software on any Windows OS version, such as Windows 11, Windows 10 S, Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, etc. The software also supports all MS Outlook editions, such as Outlook 2021, Outlook 2019, Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, Outlook 2003, Outlook 2002, etc.

Calendars in ICS and contacts in CSV or VCF can be exported using Softaken PST-to-Gmail migration. Outlook calendars and contacts are available for several email clients and services. While using this software, you do not need to download other software to save PST emails to your Gmail account. Get the free demo edition of this software to see more features and capabilities of this tool without paying a large amount of money.

Importing PST into Gmail without Outlook can be Done as Follows:

  • Install, launch, and download the program.

  • Enter your Gmail login information and hit Save.
  • Completed! Importing a PST file into Gmail is really simple.

Benefits of the Softaken PST-to-Gmail Migration Tool

  • Transfer Multiple Files: Convert PST files to Gmail without Outlook using the best email conversion tool. Users can select files based on their requirements and log in thanks to sophisticated algorithms. PSTs can be imported into Gmail in infinite numbers and sizes. When getting ready to export data to the place of your choice, choosing a large number of files for migration saves time.
  • The program allows users to customize the conversion process and supports several providers. PST files can be swiftly moved to Roundcube, Yahoo Mail, Zoho Mail, and other services.
  • To preserve data integrity, you can import PST files to Gmail right away without using Outlook and with all of the attachments. The well-regarded tool opens Gmail PST files without error. In addition to maintaining meta characteristics like “to,” “bcc,” “cc,” and “date,” this guarantees data integrity. Folder organization is also maintained.
  • Add and convert files to an appropriate format quickly. Users can easily and conveniently store files as a result.
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In addition, before importing PST files into Gmail, users can test out a free sample or trial version of the application. Before making a purchase, users can test the product by downloading the demo. Purchasing the full version entitles you to unlimited migration.

Having the Last Conversation

Transfer emails between platforms using the right method to prevent data loss. Two well-liked methods for importing PST to Gmail are GWMMO and the automated PST migration application. With our Outlook to Gmail Converter, we simplify and expedite the process of data translation and administration. This application imports PST files into Gmail without using Outlook. The easiest way to open a PST file in Gmail is to follow these steps.

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